USP: The Passion That Drives You

Remembering this passion will help you uncover your biggest marketing asset.

How do you implement the correct pitch with the right words that describe you and your business.

Think about it, an elevator pitch is just one of the many methods you’ll use to communicate your personal brand to a potential customer. This is something much deeper than a mission statement or slogan.

Unique Selling Proposition Success

As a business, you instantly become a sales and marketing agency. You are now in the business of marketing your company expertise to people connected to your target market.

Your messaging needs to be consistent across all of your branding channels, your brochure, marketing plan, when you pick-up the phone to talk to customer’s, and online company websites.

By taking the time to go through this exercise and craft your pitch, you will be better prepared to communicate your value through every phase of your business.

Your USP is the unique selling position that your company has created and developed in the mind of your potential customer. How you are positioned in the mind of your customer will determine whether on not they will choose to do business with you. This USP must be a true reflection of your customers experience.

Most successful companies today have USP’s Wal-Mart is the lowest price leader. Nordstrom is quality and service leader.

The only way for your company to grow and survive in today’s marketplace, and beyond you must be able to successfully answer these two questions:

1. Why do people buy from you
2. If they aren’t buying from you now, why should they?


You typically have 15 to 45 seconds to explain your intrinsic value to a potential customer. A company today must have some kind of sustainable competitive advantage. This is what sets you apart from the competition. It is sometimes very difficult to determine what is unique about a particular product or service.


The USP or elevator pitch is all about showing customers what you bring to the table – what you can do for them. In short, you want to explain: (1) who you are (2) what you are great at and passionate about, and (3) how your strengths will value a potential customer.
Don’t try to stuff in too many details – stick to the three most important traits. Try this brainstorming exercise to help you create this pitch.

Who are you?

What are you great at and passionate about?

How has your previous customer experience helped prepare you for this role? what results have you produced? If possible, review previous performance customer reviews or other forms of feedback you received. What key skills or areas of expertise make you good at what you like to do?


This means that your company can create a competitive advantage by doing something more of or better than the competition. It could be in the form of longer hours or better guarantee

Now that you written down what you’re great at doing, it’s time to elaborate on the results you produced. What company accomplishments are you proud of? What were the tangible results? Did you increase revenue, cut costs, or make things run more efficiently for your customers? Try to think in terms of better, faster or cheaper. At the end of the day, what have you done for past customers?

Review everything you written down. You may even want to read it aloud to a friend or family member to help brainstorm.

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