Unique Selling Propositions for More Sales

The character of Don Draper, on the hit series Mad Men, explains in one of his first episodes what a unique selling proposition is.

Draper demonstrates his ability to distill and highlight a product’s USP in the very first episode of Mad Men. This idea of unique proposition evolves from a brainstorming session and last minute desperation attempt by Don Draper to save the Camel account.

USPWhat Draper explains in this advertisement is when you have six companies making six identical products like cigarettes.

That you must try to make your product different in the eyes of your customer .

This advertising is hardly ethical but demonstrates a good point about how you must separate your product/service from competition.

Important characteristics of effective unique selling propositions:

  • Be able to articulate the proposition in 90 words or less. Answer the question: Why should people do business with me and not my competition.
  • Quantify the benefit as much as possible
  • Be specific in the areas of quality, service, selection, guarantee A USP IS NOT A MISSION STATEMENT!
  • Fill A void that the competition is not filling
  • It must natter to the prospects and customers

You must be able to execute the proposition. Without an effective unique selling proposition, people will never know why they should come to your business.

The decision to purchase will always be based on the lowest price and your product becomes a commodity that is selected from your competition.

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Unique Propositions for More Sales

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