The Art Of Persuasion Using Direct

Attract Women Using Target Marketing Methods

Attract Women Using Target Marketing Methods

The art of persuasion, in nearly every major city in the world, is an underground group of young people that have tested methods that can influence the behaviors of the opposite sex. These tools of seduction can be the most exponentially effective techniques ever invented to charm women.

In this blog and website I will share original and not so original seduction techniques and methods for using direct and target marketing in all of your future lead generation programs.

Target Marketing involves breaking a market into segments and then concentrating your marketing efforts on one or a few key segments. It can be the key to a small business’s success. This also involves list marketing when finding prospective leads at Marketing List Broker the parent site.

Targeting attractive women with tested and proven methods of persuasion can greatly enhance your chances of building your relationship with several female friends in one evening.

On this journey we will explore and how you can most effectively introduce yourself to an attractive women or attractive prospect.

Implementation should always include planning and testing different techniques until you discover something effective for example.. if you say hello, I’m a writer or an accountant, the attractive women or prospect will not be impressed.

This is the approach to use when meeting an attractive women for the first time:

    • Smile when you walk into room and find your target female or segmented prospect and follow the 3 second rule.
    • Recite a memorized opener and it doesn’t hurt to include 2 or 3
    • The opener should be for the entire group of women not just the targeted prospect (beautiful women)
    • When you talk to the group you ignore the target and focus on the other prospects
    • Mention something negative to the target like her teeth look yellow in front and then tell her how pretty her eyes are
    • learn some basic magic tricks like making a fork bend or coin disappear
    • Give more attention to less attractive man or women
    • Give another negative comment to the target
    • Ask the group how everyone knows each other find out how long they’ve been together
    • Tell the group that you have been neglecting the target market and that you would like to speak to her

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While market segmentation can be done in many ways, three of the most common types are:

Geographic segmentation – based on location such as home addresses

Demographic segmentation – based on measurable statistics, such as age or income;

Psychographic segmentation – based on lifestyle preferences, such as being urban dwellers or pet lovers.

If you’re interested in target marketing, the first step is to do the research that will help you define and zero in on your target market. How to Find and Sell to Your Target Market will help you get started.

Also Known As: Niche


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