Increase Sales with Database Marketing

ListThe most overlooked marketing asset of a company is the existing customer database.

This customer database contains former, current and prospective customers.

During the last century the economy in the United States was booming and Americans were feeling good.

Today the economy is much different and to survive and flourish you must have a monthly flow of sales flowing into the blood of your business. The way you do this is by marketing to your current customer base on an ongoing basis.

The first step in making sure your business is doing this is by accumulating a list of customers in your company database. You can create a customer database from used customer invoices, work orders or sales tickets or anything else with your customer information on it.

Once you accumulate at least 400 to 500 customers you can go back and offer them new products/services or upgrades by sending them an offer by mail/email and follow-up with a phone call. This simple action which may cost a maximum of $300 could generate several thousand in revenues in a very short-term.

Overnight, you could double the amount of money you generate in a week. A clothing retail store can invite his better customers (top 20% in gross revenues) from a customer base of 2000 and write a personal form letter. This customer list could be segmented by past or present purchases and by gender and brand. I can help you with a database marketing campaign.

Statistics have indicated that 65% of the people stop doing business with a company because they get the feeling their not important. They get this feeling from store employees not by price, selection or other factors. They get this feeling that the company no longer cares about them.

Sales people could write a personal letter to their best customers on a weekly basis informing them of new inventory coming in to the store or over stock items that has been reduced in the customers size.

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