Why cold calling is NOT a numbers game

Phone GirlWhat is cold calling?

Cold calling is what you do to meet your weekly sales quota with new prospects and this is not an optional skill. Without doing it you will not hit your sales quota for the week.

The biggest mistake that new sales people do when they first start cold calling happens during the first 20 seconds of a cold call and that is talk about your products and your company. Remember this isn’t about you it’s about the needs of your prospect. When you do that, you’re making the call about me.

What you need to be successful in cold calling.

Do you really need a script? Yes you really need one. Engaging a prospect in 20 seconds, disarming their flight mechanism, is extremely difficult. That’s why so few salespeople can do it.

You need to spend a lot of time and thought preparing a tight script. Then you need to practice it so it does not sound in the least bit scripted. It should sound natural and not rehearsed.

The script

Here’s an outline of a script from Joe – a sales professional with Customer soft which sells insurance broker customer insurance  software. It addresses the three things the prospect MUST know before he’ll talk to you:

1. Who are you?
2. Why are you calling?
3. What’s in it for me?

Number one is easy: “Hi, I’m Joe Smith from Customer soft.” People need to know who they’re talking to. But keep it short and sweet. Number two is tricky. Do you say, “I’m calling because I want to sell you software that monitors your insurance customers”? That’s the real reason you’re calling, right? Yes, but if you say that, your call is over.

Try this instead: “I’m calling because we have a new customer relationship insurance software  because the most valuable asset you own is your customer database. software product that allows you to quickly profile your most profitable customers by recently they subscribed.

“Hi, I’m Joe Smith of Customer soft. I’m calling because we recently helped a number of insurance brokers increase their average
sales by as much 40% by cross-selling and up-selling and tracking customers using this new CRM customer database software program. I know that at your company and others there’s pressure on margins these days. Could I ask you a few questions to see if there’s any chance we could help your company as well?

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