Sales and Lead Generation Tactics

Warm-up cold leads with email Teasers

One of the most important elements of your lead generation strategies is to warm-up the cold prospects with a “heads-up” email.

The first step in any lead generation strategy is to find the decision maker. You can sometimes do this when you purchase your mailing list from your list broker, but many times on complied lists this information can be inaccurate.

The first email gives you the perfect opportunity to validate contacts.

Since most prospects will not accept a request for a meeting from someone they don’t know. Before contacting a new prospect, send an initial prospecting email that helps you to melt the ice and make a non-threatening introduction.

First Email

With research you can find other key players (decision makers) in the company that you are planning to contact.

The call to action in the e-mail is very discrete, and opens the conversation for follow-up email where you can reach your goal to set an appointment.


Follow-up email and get commitment

The follow-up email should always be emailed within a day but not more than two days later

Second emailThis email should include a Unique Selling Proposition and why your product/service is better than the competitions. Remember to keep the message focused on the needs of the prospect based on the research you completed. The message needs to be about the prospects issues and not a sales pitch boasting about your company.

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