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Bridge the gap between Telephone Marketing and  Sales

Bridge the gap between Telephone Marketing and Sales

The first step in selecting the perfect list, you need to define your customer profile and most likely attributes.

The real key to unlocking the potential of list marketing is to define your target audience with as many attributes as you can.

This ensures that your marketing offers only go to those people who are most likely to buy your product.

The most common mistake that most list marketers make is sending offers to a poorly defined target audience.

Once you’ve used a combination of these parameters to define your audience, it’s time to take that information to a list owner, list manager, or list broker.


List Segments
You can’t have a list marketing program if you don’t have lists. It’s as simple as that. But before you go grab a list, you need to know that there are three kinds of lists, each is different, and it’s up to you to choose the right list for your brand.

House lists – You build these lists yourself. These are people who’ve expressed interest in your brand by signing up for webinars, downloading whitepapers, or subscribing to your newsletters. You mail to this list if these people are not yet customers.

Purchased – You buy these from third-party sources like a smart marketing list broker like myself. They exist for lead generation purposes. Once you pay for these lists, you own them.


Street Smarts List Marketing

Rented – You rent these from a third-party source as well. They are also used for lead generation, but you pay for a one time use. For customer acquisition purposes, the majority of list marketers are going to use a purchased or rented list.

For customer acquisition purposes, the majority of list marketers are going to use a purchased or rented list.
Understanding the pros and cons of each will keep the specter of bad leads off your back.

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