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Converting the lead into an appointment – broken down!

Sales leads should generate cash flow quickly and consistently.

A system that segments the top of the heap with a direct marketing list selection process.

The top 20 percent segment can be separated by how recently they purchased from you, but also by how frequently they purchase from you and the dollar volume they have purchased over their lifetime. Direct mail campaigns and telephone follow up calls can be set to close the sale. Testing and segmenting the unique characteristics of your best and most profitable customers.

Perry Marshall – Moving Your Customers Up The “80/20 Curve”

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Next, we mail your list a targeted postcard by segmentation of industry to top 20%. After segmenting your customers by demographic or standard industrial information, so you can tailor your message to match their needs and interests, and increase the chances that they’ll act on your offer. For example if you’re a local Certified Public Accountant you can first segment your most profitable customers using the 80/20 Principle.

Direct mail with inside sales calls, print and online advertising, Mailing response material that engages the prospect and begins to build the relationship with your company. The follow up and setting of appointments with company president or owner producing the print, digital and Internet components of the sales and marketing program control cost without sacrificing quality.

The next step is contacting the business owner or decision make and set appointments for his sales team in monthly cycles to reduce the chances of bad luck in these uncertain times.

Here are some steps to follow to analyses those needs: Calculate values (sales and profits) contributed to each one of these activities (customers, products/services and channels) Add a total figure for the year.

1. Arrange the values each activity in descending order

2. Calculate the value of each as a percentage of the total for the period annual or monthly and calculate the cumulative percentage.

3. Find the row in your data that where the cumulative percentage is approximately 80%.

4. This information will tell you which groups of customers might fall into.

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