Lead Generation – For More Sales

This means those critical first calls to find new business take place on a regular schedule.

Recent surveys have concluded that one of the least favorite tasks of sales people is the time consuming and awkward cold calling.

This is the process:

When you employ a lead generation specialist that sets qualified leads to keep your valuable sales people in the field where they belong….to close the sale.

These are not the typical telemarketing calls – call the contact on the list and leave a voice mail these are targeted leads to small business owners or key decision makers that make the purchasing decision.

We understand to show real results, we have to take on the role of insides sales by:

Determining the decision maker for your product or service with targeted message that is developed just for them.

  • Attempting to speak with decision maker to determine interest and need
  • Contacting my client if the decision maker has an immediate need.
  • Emailing client’s response material to decision maker as requested
  • Providing Excel report to client explaining actions to be taken
  • Sending the response packages if our client chooses that option
  • Following up on response packages if our client is unable.

This isn’t a half-baked telemarketing companies outsourced from India, but a highly polished direct marketing sales person making the calls.

My call campaigns produce response rates of 10% to 25% with many of those immediate requests for quotes.

In addition to finding projects that are in the works, our system puts your information into
the hands of new potential customers that have been qualified to need your services or product.

This produces immediate sales possibilities as well as future ones.

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