Lead generation “Art of the Pitch”

How many of you want to be Master Dealmakers?

I work as an outside sales contractor for a small advertising agency. My job is to get CEOs or CTOs on the phone, for small business with under $20,000,000 million in sales in industrial rust belt-states, convince them to have an in-person meeting, and then sell them.

Retainer contracts It is thankless work, “dialing for dollars”: cold calling prospects and getting rejected all day long. But it taught me a lot about the art of persuasion, and the value of being the odd one out.

Don Draper Sales Pitch

Don Draper portrays confidence in his sales pitch to clients explaining how women manipulate men with their product.

Part of it is strategic planning and testing. Calling between 7-8 am, then again from 6-7pm, for instance, allowed me to bypass gatekeepers and get to the business owners.

The other major lesson was persistence — recognizing that failure was more than 80% of the game. Getting rejected was not fun, but this learning to improve performance by modifying approaches that were more conversational and based on a common bond.

I truly understand that any student in college would never desire to become a outside sales representative by choice. I’m sure if you conducted inquiries and asked:

“How many of you want to be salespeople?” No hands go up.

Instead ask students in college. “How many of you want to be master dealmakers?” Nearly every hand goes up.

That’s when I point out that they are one and the same. Whether you want to sell an idea, a start-up, or yourself as an employee, you

better learn to negotiate deals. Not only that, but you better get used to pain, agony sweat and tears. It will become your constant

companion, a trusted friend. A signal that you’re getting stronger.

If you are looking to reach the top

that all the ones at the top were, like, awesome at doing sales He does not mean to say that strength in sales was all that was needed. Be aggressive in sales. Every successful business owner understands the sales process.

We can tell that!” What the business owners might have missed is that willingness to attack sales. When I say sales, I don’t just mean people calling you up. I mean going out on appointments and talking to customers to figure out what they want and need.

If you truly want to be successful in marketing and running a small business. Just spend all your time doing sales and treating

managing a business as this side project.

The Art of Ass-Kicking,

When giving that PowerPoint sales presentation project fearlessness. Standing before the assembled group, You may seem ill at ease and

rely too heavily on reading prepared text word for word. The only time you should speak in a natural voice. You should choose the part of your presentation where you want to be most animated.

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