B2B Sales and Lead Generation

In this blog we will explore the customer experiences throughout the selling process and how we as marketers can evolve and improve customer experiences in our lead generation strategy.

The objective is to improve the sales performance and make the customer experience more rewarding in business to business sales.

Jay Abraham will explore the three ways to grow your business with a focus on understanding the analysis of customer acquisition and the dollar value of each customer.

Jay Abraham and Three Ways To Grow A Business

These interactions explained by Jay Abraham during the B2B buying process by tradition happens between a salesperson and a prospect, but this is changing today with increased competition from the internet and foreign markets and higher expectations, from our current customers.

With the abundance of information available instantly to prospects via social networks and Google most buying steps are completed before the prospect is ever approached by a sales person because of the easy access to the internet. Business to Business buyers can now leverage multiple sources to find out more about the products and services that you have to offer.

Due to the complexity and the number of marketing interactions it is important to provide a consistent buying system that you can test and improve over time.

  • Business to Business sales people cite several challenges in perfecting the B2B sales plan;
  • Better qualified leads – marketing should provide only qualified leads that have been targeted and expressed a timely need for product or service.

Many sales professionals are facing information overload- from data about customers, the market and competition is growing rapidly from social media, CRM software and emails.

Connecting and engaging with your customers and ensure that your customers can reach you whenever and wherever they desire and ensure that your marketing force is able to engage and connect internally or externally across different types of devices.

Include social media in your sales systems that include discussion forums like linkedIn and Facebook and includes live feeds and alerts. Personalized approaches using campaigns to nurture prospects throughout the buying cycle.

B2B Sales and Lead Generation

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