Your Greatest Asset – The List!

It is generally accepted that 40% of all success of any one marketing campaign is because of the list that you use.

Talk to any list broker including me and they will tell you the ideal type of people or businesses that your looking for and you will be amazed at all the resources that list brokers can provide for your own personalized list needs.

The following list search engine will provide you with over 60,000 magazines, publications and niche data bases for both consumer and business to business applications including customer demographics and SIC code.

How To Find Mailing Lists

These lists will define the title, business description by revenues, location, industry and includes address and email addresses.

If you’re a small business owner and are looking to expand your customer database, you need to learn how to utilize consumer or business to business mailing lists.

Secure the proper list

This is simply identifying a segment of your customer base (past, present or prospective) the prospective list you purchase from a list broker – that’s me. I will provide you with a small list that you can sample in either a mailing or opt-in email campaign.

Many small business owners are using business to business mailing lists to help them in direct marketing or direct mail campaigns. If your not using mailing lists to grow your business this would be a great time to at least test mailing lists.

Nobody likes to waste money.

As in all marketing efforts you should test often to make sure that you are getting a good return on your investment or at least break-even on your marketing campaigns.

You should always test a small quantity before rolling out the campaign this will minimize your losses.

This would be a great time to test your phone follow-up. This could increase your return on investment by 25% to 100%. You can male additional profits through you back-end up-selling or cross-selling other products or services that compliment your main product

Start small! Test, Test, TEST!

The great advantage of direct mail, mail order or telemarketing have over other marketing efforts is the testing on a small scale with results being determined fairly accurately in small quantities of only 5,000.

The ability to create a mailing that targets individuals that share specific demographic profiles of your very best customers.

Some business owners question whether direct mail campaign are worth the expense, especially with recent postal increases and the alternative of relatively cheap email marketing.

Direct mail is still one of the most effective means of generating sales and should be a component of any multimedia marketing campaign.

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