Why Prospects Buy?


2016-04-12_21-13-09When you understand that prospects don’t give a rat’s behind about your sales quota and many times they may not share your thoughts or agendas.

In fact, when prospecting for new business you may find out that prospects only care about number one, themselves.

Remember the persona of your prospects and how you should discover their pleasures and pains and how you can make life better for them.

Your prospects mostly care about how your product/service will make life better for them not you.


People buy for their reasons, not yours.

Clearly articulate the possible value buyers may receive buying from you. Value Propositions help you to serve you customers better. Picture all the people involved in the decision to buy or who influence the decision to buy what you sell. [Read more…]

Match Your Customer Perosna

meetingPersona-What does your prospect look like and what is their daily life like?

Helps you to discuss their thought process.

This persona will help you to feel empathy for your prospect and to build a connect with them.

In order to sell a product your first must bond with your prospect and the best way to do this is with a persona.

Full Definition of persona

1 a character assumed by an author in a written work
2 a plural personas
: an individual’s social facade or front that especially in the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung reflects the role in life the individual is playing — compare.

[Read more…]

Unique Selling Propositions for More Sales

The character of Don Draper, on the hit series Mad Men, explains in one of his first episodes what a unique selling proposition is.

Draper demonstrates his ability to distill and highlight a product’s USP in the very first episode of Mad Men. This idea of unique proposition evolves from a brainstorming session and last minute desperation attempt by Don Draper to save the Camel account. [Read more…]

Increase Sales with Database Marketing

ListThe most overlooked marketing asset of a company is the existing customer database.

This customer database contains former, current and prospective customers.

During the last century the economy in the United States was booming and Americans were feeling good.

Today the economy is much different and to survive and flourish you must have a monthly flow of sales flowing into the blood of your business. The way you do this is by marketing to your current customer base on an ongoing basis. [Read more…]

USP: The Passion That Drives You

Remembering this passion will help you uncover your biggest marketing asset.

How do you implement the correct pitch with the right words that describe you and your business.

Think about it, an elevator pitch is just one of the many methods you’ll use to communicate your personal brand to a potential customer. This is something much deeper than a mission statement or slogan.

Unique Selling Proposition Success

As a business, you instantly become a sales and marketing agency. You are now in the business of marketing your company expertise to people connected to your target market. [Read more…]

The Art Of Persuasion Using Direct

Attract Women Using Target Marketing Methods

Attract Women Using Target Marketing Methods

The art of persuasion, in nearly every major city in the world, is an underground group of young people that have tested methods that can influence the behaviors of the opposite sex. These tools of seduction can be the most exponentially effective techniques ever invented to charm women.

In this blog and website I will share original and not so original seduction techniques and methods for using direct and target marketing in all of your future lead generation programs. [Read more…]