The Mobile Revolution

Image1Smartphones Are Here to Stay

This year, smart phone use in the United States will hit 80%, tablets will overtake sales of PCs, and already about half of online traffic is taking place on the mobile web. Is your company still trying to justify the cost of a mobile website

Your customers are way in front of you and may need to set appointments for dental care or tax preparation with a CPA. At this point we are way beyond about developing a mobile plan. Our marketing plan needs to be our mobile marketing plan.

It’s About Web Mobility

Mobility is driving our culture right now. It is about fulfilling consumers’ desire to stay constantly connected and helping people to get tasks done on the move. Mobility in marketing is  mobile advertising, to adding mobile targeting across your marketing efforts for business to business operations and making every business transaction simple, fast and seamless. in design. [Read more…]

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Portable Phones

Mobile marketing can be as simple as optimizing your marketing strategies for people using a mobile device.

Mobile marketing means creating a seamless, optimized web experience on your Apple or Android mobile device.

To do so, marketers need to be thinking about responsive design, lead generation, and mobile ROI.

When your Android or Apple device has a responsive design your website will be properly formatted and designed across any device.

You can also generate leads through various devices by asking for email addresses in exchange for coupons or discounts and than you can track coupons offers through relationship marketing programs you can track the ROI associated with your efforts.

Mobile Strategy

Since 15% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices and this number keeps growing each year and to keep your customers coming back you need to have the same compelling experience as the audience that comes to your website from a desktop.

A mobile strategy is a little bit more than just creating an app it’s more about customer experience and a design that compels them to buy or leave their email address behind for follow-up and cross-selling and up selling. [Read more…]

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing means creating a seamless, optimized experience on android, tablet, iphone or laptop.

To do this marketers need to think responsive design with a call to action with lead generation.

When your mobile website is optimized your website will appear properly formatted and designed across any device.

Why You Need A Mobile Optimized Website

15% of Internet traffic comes from a mobile device [Read more…]

Build A Mobile Website?

Your competitors are going mobile, are you?

Portable Phones
The shift to mobile has been profound a over the last year are you on board or have you missed the boat?

“With more than 234 million Americans ages 13 and older used mobile devices in 2013?” There are a couple of factors that will contribute to the increase in consumer mobile use: speed and usability.

Take a look around on any city street, in any airport, or even around the meeting table at work and you’re bound to find a number of individuals engaged and searching on their smartphone.

As cell phone companies improve their networks and hardware giants continue to push out new devices, customers are browsing the web more from their Smartphone and tablets rather than from traditional computers.

Mobile technology is transforming the business’ marketing efforts, giving them the opportunity to engage with their customers at a more personal level. [Read more…]