Selling to Clients

meetingSelling the Recommendations

Every sales person or marketing consultant must  discuss insights gained and recommendations after analyzing your client business.

This is when you give your expert advice and insights into solving the clients problem.

How you summarize and represent information is important in getting the client to “buy” your recommendations.

Consider the following tips as you plan to discuss your recommendations: [Read more…]

Predictive Analytics for Sales Gen

Word cloud for Predictive analyticsImagine the power to predict the future market conditions and to know your customers wants and needs before your competition.

Predictive analytics can predict behaviors such as what customers are likely to purchase, who is likely to respond to marketing and sales events, and customer behavior.

Predictive analytics empowers real business to value  those companies that
know how to find it, and this is only an introduction to predictive analytics for sales and marketing folks like us.

Predictive analytics is based on the belief that the more insight you have, the better your decisions will be. Business decision makers and analysts are no different than insurance sales people, which is evident by the industries and technologies devoted to data capture, analysis, modeling, and like the big casinos and insurance companies.

Predictive analytics is different from many technologies because its impact is quantifiable. You can quantify the money you save because predictive analytics improves business processes and increases sales and marketing effectiveness.

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Why cold calling is NOT a numbers game

Phone GirlWhat is cold calling?

Cold calling is what you do to meet your weekly sales quota with new prospects and this is not an optional skill. Without doing it you will not hit your sales quota for the week.

The biggest mistake that new sales people do when they first start cold calling happens during the first 20 seconds of a cold call and that is talk about your products and your company. Remember this isn’t about you it’s about the needs of your prospect. When you do that, you’re making the call about me.

What you need to be successful in cold calling.

Do you really need a script? Yes you really need one. Engaging a prospect in 20 seconds, disarming their flight mechanism, is extremely difficult. That’s why so few salespeople can do it. [Read more…]

Personal Segmented Postcards

Postcards have an important place in any direct marketing plan and marketers on a tight budget can take advantage of the inexpensive 2-sided mail piece. But not all postcards are the same.

The following is an example of a attractive, large 4-color postcard with reverse text that is difficult to read, the offer for 30% isn’t clear and the first name for a personal approach wasn’t used.  When planning your next postcard campaign be sure to consider these bullets before execution:


  • Make a clear offer. With a postcard you don’t have to worry about envelopes since the message is in your face, but you still only have a second or two to get your message across.
  • The front and back of the postcard should work together. You don’t know which side someone is going to look at first — so make it cohesive and make it count. As far as the theme and copy writing.

Take advantage of sophisticated personalized imagine the Verizon postcard with a map to the nearest store with a big image of a new phone or tablet saying, “Tim, pick up your new …”

Consider your prospect’s eyesight. Use a font and color that’s easy to read and simple to understand! [Read more…]

The Mobile Revolution

Image1Smartphones Are Here to Stay

This year, smart phone use in the United States will hit 80%, tablets will overtake sales of PCs, and already about half of online traffic is taking place on the mobile web. Is your company still trying to justify the cost of a mobile website

Your customers are way in front of you and may need to set appointments for dental care or tax preparation with a CPA. At this point we are way beyond about developing a mobile plan. Our marketing plan needs to be our mobile marketing plan.

It’s About Web Mobility

Mobility is driving our culture right now. It is about fulfilling consumers’ desire to stay constantly connected and helping people to get tasks done on the move. Mobility in marketing is  mobile advertising, to adding mobile targeting across your marketing efforts for business to business operations and making every business transaction simple, fast and seamless. in design. [Read more…]

LinkedIn Lead Generation Secrets


Start a Group in LinkedIn

One of the best ways of building a network of targeted decision makers in your market is to stat your own LinkedIn group.

You simply start a new group in your LinkedIn account and start creating compelling questions from within your industry niche.

The next step is to compel members with engaging conversation related to their passion one time per week by email.

This market goes directly to their email inbox.

This blog is about generating leads with LinkedIn since leads are the lifeblood of any business.

You need to add value to your group to keep them engaged with information that is important or relevant. [Read more…]

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Portable Phones

Mobile marketing can be as simple as optimizing your marketing strategies for people using a mobile device.

Mobile marketing means creating a seamless, optimized web experience on your Apple or Android mobile device.

To do so, marketers need to be thinking about responsive design, lead generation, and mobile ROI.

When your Android or Apple device has a responsive design your website will be properly formatted and designed across any device.

You can also generate leads through various devices by asking for email addresses in exchange for coupons or discounts and than you can track coupons offers through relationship marketing programs you can track the ROI associated with your efforts.

Mobile Strategy

Since 15% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices and this number keeps growing each year and to keep your customers coming back you need to have the same compelling experience as the audience that comes to your website from a desktop.

A mobile strategy is a little bit more than just creating an app it’s more about customer experience and a design that compels them to buy or leave their email address behind for follow-up and cross-selling and up selling. [Read more…]

USP: The Passion That Drives You

Remembering this passion will help you uncover your biggest marketing asset.

How do you implement the correct pitch with the right words that describe you and your business.

Think about it, an elevator pitch is just one of the many methods you’ll use to communicate your personal brand to a potential customer. This is something much deeper than a mission statement or slogan.

Unique Selling Proposition Success

As a business, you instantly become a sales and marketing agency. You are now in the business of marketing your company expertise to people connected to your target market. [Read more…]

Your Greatest Asset – The List!

It is generally accepted that 40% of all success of any one marketing campaign is because of the list that you use.

Talk to any list broker including me and they will tell you the ideal type of people or businesses that your looking for and you will be amazed at all the resources that list brokers can provide for your own personalized list needs.

The following list search engine will provide you with over 60,000 magazines, publications and niche data bases for both consumer and business to business applications including customer demographics and SIC code.

How To Find Mailing Lists

These lists will define the title, business description by revenues, location, industry and includes address and email addresses. [Read more…]

Lead generation “Art of the Pitch”

How many of you want to be Master Dealmakers?

I work as an outside sales contractor for a small advertising agency. My job is to get CEOs or CTOs on the phone, for small business with under $20,000,000 million in sales in industrial rust belt-states, convince them to have an in-person meeting, and then sell them.

Retainer contracts It is thankless work, “dialing for dollars”: cold calling prospects and getting rejected all day long. But it taught me a lot about the art of persuasion, and the value of being the odd one out.

Don Draper Sales Pitch

Don Draper portrays confidence in his sales pitch to clients explaining how women manipulate men with their product.

Part of it is strategic planning and testing. Calling between 7-8 am, then again from 6-7pm, for instance, allowed me to bypass gatekeepers and get to the business owners. [Read more…]